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Haplochromis sp. #44 "thickskin"


Haplochromis sp. #44 "thickskin"
Haplochromis sp. #44 "thi...

Haplochromis sp. #44 "thickskin"

Uploaded by: blue willie
Imagename: Haplochromis sp. #44 "thickskin"
Image Description: This fish was originally sold to me as "haplochromis Ishmaeli" back around 20 years ago. There has been much controversy since then about the true identity of the fish. It has also been called "haplochromis obliquidens". If you refer to Ole Seehausen's book, "Lake Victoria Rock Cichlids" p. 252, there is a photo of a "H.Thickskin". It strongly resembles H. Brownae but looks nothing like this fish.
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Uploaded: Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:41 am
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